Gidgets Gadgets

I am preparing to stray.  Blackberry has had it’s last chance with me, and I will be moving into   the Android world.  The Blackberry interface has become stagnant and subpar.  I happen to be the girl that doesn’t usually have to have the hot new thing.  I still don’t own a Blu Ray player, and purchasing the iPod Touch just seems excessive to me.  However, I expect my old reliables to perform.  My $45 DVD player still performs just fine.  My iPod classic, where small on style, is large on substance, DWARFING the sleeker Touch in terms of GB.  The Blackberry?  It shuts off at least twice a day, and they have yet to master the issue of the loosening charge port.  No dice.

I’m still six months into this BS phone that I have, and the idea of coming off this dough HURTS.  I would much rather buy drinks. But, I will not suffer.  And maybe, just for once, I might like to be the girl that has hot thing.


One response to “Gidgets Gadgets

  1. I am not that dude either. I don’t see the point w/getting the 4G iPhone when my 3G is still functional. However, when this motha finally collapses from all fo the abuses it endures at my hands, I’ll upgrade.

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