What are hops?  I always hear about them, and I apparently want them in beer.  However, I have no clue what they are.  I’m sure one of you lovelies will tell me, because you’re sweet like that.

Ovaltine is just great.  I could qualify that, but if I must, you don’t deserve the pleasure of Ovaltiney goodness.

I’m sure you’ve seen hose little Facebook pictures where there are cartoon characters which describe people as “The Hot One,” and “Most Likely to Stink Up Your Bathroom.”  Yeah, my kid was tagged in one.  As “The Ladies Man.”  Get out of my face.

The years have been very kind to Tom Selleck.

It’s beyond time to go back to the gym, however, I know I won’t be going back to spin class.  What that seat did to my vadge should be criminal.

Everyone is up in arms about Tyler Perry’s production of “For Colored Girls.”  As a woman who does have a small background in the theater, I know how important “For Colored Girls…” is for everyone, but especially women of color.  Most women in my age group feel protective,and rightfully so. However, Tyler Perry sucks, and I’m just banking on this sucking. He doesn’t ruin it for me, because it’s NOT Shange.  It’s Perry shenanigans.

I think there’s no better time for clam chowder than a fall evening.

I was re-reminded of the fact that not only am I born in the year of the dragon, but I am a Fire Dragon.  And a Sagittarius.  Yeah.  You will get burned messing with me chump.

Every autumn, I consider bringing seventies slang back into the spotlight.  Jive turkey is terribly underused, in my humble opinion.

There seem to be a lot of good movies coming out this season.  Of course, I am most excited about Harry Potter.  Even though I know how it’s going to end, I am chomping at the bit for this movie.  I rolls with H Pizzle folks.  Unapologetically.

I want to buy the Gucci fragrance Guilty.  Aside from the fact that it smells lovely, when someone asks me what I’m wearing, I envision myself tossing my hair, glancing over my shoulder, and faintly whispering, “Guilty.”  Yes folks.  Someone entrusted me with children.

I unapologetically enjoy the music of Nu Shooz, Seduction, Expose, and The Cover Girls.  Deal with that.

If Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine were at my disposal, life would go much more smoothly for me.

They were talking about putting sugar in your vagina on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I haven’t watched it in weeks.  I think I made a good call.  There’s another picture of the pregnant one and her recently released husband with their mouths on opposing ends of a pickle.  Yeah.  That’s a good place to end the post.

I promise guys.  I’ll have more topics.  This week has just been rough, and I’m trying to ease into it.



One response to “*Shrug*

  1. I’ve heard horror stories worthy of Jigsaw as to how badly the seat in a spin class will mangle your genitalia. I offer my condolences.

    I saw For Colored Girls and surprisingly, it was good. Easily TP’s best work (which isn’t hard b/c he sucketh mightily). He didn’t deviate from the play much, and b/c he didn’t write it, it far outdid any expectations one could have based on his previous work. See it, then hit me up.

    I love Jive Turkey fried w/some Sucka stuffing on the side.

    Can get you the Gucci fragrance on the hookup. Inquire within.

    Okay…I haven’t watched RHWOA this season either, but uh…can’t putting sugar in your goodies cause some kind of infection?

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