That Thing I Love

Words are delicious to me.  Reading and writing are my first loves.  Which is what makes writer’s block so maddening.  Whenever conveying my thoughts becomes problematic, I often trace it back to what I’ve been feeding my mind. And the answer is…nothing.  I haven’t been reading nearly as much as I used to, or should.  Taking in the POV of others, is integral to the process of effectively communicating your thoughts to others.

Procrastination and generalized time wasting are two of my biggest obstacles.  This isn’t new – they’re virtually second nature.  Reading and writing however, were always things for which I made time.  Being severely off track with both is sign that something in my life has gone awry.  My habits for writing down goals, plans and lists have also fallen by the wayside, and I’m unsure why or when.  I haven’t even made one of my awesome grocery lists in I don’t know when.

I have a few ideas of what I’m going to do to get back on track, so that I can finish this book that I really believe in.  But I’m curious, what do you do to re-center?  How do you get back to basics and rid your mind space of clutter?


One response to “That Thing I Love

  1. Journal. Clean up. Play solitaire. Veg out and let my brain sit. Or read inspiring quotes from writers. It’s funny but I can’t really call it. Sometimes my brain is just done w being in limbo and we move on, haha.

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