Rites of Passage Deferred

I loved growing up in the 80s.  Call me biased, but our pop culture was just so…awesome.  Musically, we had Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna, each in their respective primes.  I won’t even touch the magic possessed by 80s hair bands and their power ballads.  Fashionably…well, the fashion was kinda crappy, but in a fun way.  Jellies and leg warmers and neon, oh my!  John Hughes.  The Brat Pack. Malcolm-Jamal Warner was gonna be my baby’s daddy.  The 80s were great times.

However, there were some things I never got into.  Things that may well get my card revoked.  But…here goes:

I have never watched Gremlins.  At this point, I have no desire to see it.  At one point, I’m sure it was almost an obligation, but…no.  I also have yet to watch the first Back to the Future in its entirety, and I have never seen ANY of the other ones.

I didn’t own a Swatch watch.  Not ever.  My parents were not concerned with keeping me current with fads.  They were strong on that principle, and told me I’d understand when I got older.  Bull.  I’m older with kids of my own.  I still don’t understand.

I was not allowed to have an acid washed jean-skirt/jacket outfit.  For some reason, my mother thought it was “too-grown.”  In my family, “too grown” meant eff whatever the hell you were planning, because the parentals were cutting that short.

I did not have the “light-skinned brother” fixation.  All those creole boys that the girls were fawning over creeped me the hell out.  The same went for El DeBarge and those of his ilk.  That hasn’t changed.  I’m still preferential to brothers so dark, the palms of their hands are tan.

I was not a fan of the Smurfs.  The whole concept was annoying.  And they way they said “Smurf” for everything. Get the hell out of here.  I didn’t even buy into the “Smurfette is a ho” thing either.  I just thought she was a skanky tease.  All advertising and no selling.  I can’t get jiggy with that type of broad.

I was a grown woman before I saw ANYTHING with Eddie Murphy, other than Saturday Night Live.  Never even got the opportunity to sneak a peek.

I didn’t like Pop Tarts.  Originally, my parents outright refused to buy them.  We begged and pleaded and pleaded and begged until the ultimately gave in. Worst. Idea. Ever.  There was too much jelly stuff in them.  I preferred Nabisco’s Toastettes.  I don’t think they still sell them.  Just the right amount of filling, with little sugar crystals on top.

Spill it.  What generational thing did you just not “get?”


3 responses to “Rites of Passage Deferred

  1. Gremlins!! For real? I’m sure you have no desire to watch it NOW. You missed the moment…

    I feel you on Back to the Future and Pop Tarts.

    Eddie Murphy: What does it say about my parents that I remember watching this in the fifth grade?

  2. ^^^ Co-sign with Shug. You missed the op with Gremlins, but Back to the Future is STILL worth it. I COMMAND YOU to watch it. Okay…I’m asking really nicely instead b/c u might cut me.

    I visited the Swatch store in Manhattan. Some very cutting edge stuff in there now as wells some of the old classics. The one I owned was a hand-me-down, but I rocked it like I was from the future.

    I resent and resemble the light-skinted boys comment. I think I was one of the dudes who never really benefitted from that shite, and 2011, we’re still not in style. What a world.

    Eddie Murphy was king in the 80s. Though he earned what he got, a part of me hated to see his fall. Delirious & Raw are STILL classic.

  3. I grew up in the 70’s…I can’t even remember what we were doing.
    Disco! Just remembered…could never get into that.

    Except for the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack…still love that.

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