That time of Year

Have you read my NieNie's blog?

Where I fancy myself a writer, or a blogger, or a person that wants to believe that I’m opening my veins via these posts for a reason.  AKA, Black Weblog Awards nomination season has begun.  If you come here, and like what I do, want me to do it more often, and think more people should witness me do my proverbial thing, nominate a sister.  I will be finding cute pictures of my adorable niece to incite you to vote for me.  That’s right.  I fight dirty.

I’m gunning for Best Writing, Best Personal Blog, and Blog to Watch.  The catch is, nominations end today. I know I’m asking a lot. I pay in gum.  Here’s a bonus baby picture too:

Nominate me, please? I’ll do you proud!


Discuss Amongst Yahselves!

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