My soul hungers.  I have not been reading nearly as much as I should, and it has caused me to suffer from the nastiest case of writer’s block.  Reading is so important to me, because it enables you to take in thoughts that aren’t your own.  It’s a stretching of the imagination.  To read without writing is like exercising without eating.  You ultimately are tapped out.

When I write without reading, I find that my writing takes on a self-important, ego-driven tone.  After all, I’ve only been listening to myself.  I’m formulating a plan on how to adjust my input/output ratio.

I’ve felt so unsettled as of late, it’s time to patiently listen to the universe and wait for my path to be revealed.  Under no circumstances will I be totally withdrawing from people.  Fellowship is so important.  I need to meditate and embrace moments of silence.  It’s essential to becoming a better me.  So when you don’t see me around, that’s probably what I’m doing.


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