Seven Things I Can’t Do Without

This isn’t your food, clothing shelter meme.  I’m not even talking “If you could only bring seven things on a deserted island for the rest of eternity, what would they be?”  I’ve always thought that was a crazy question.  First of all, who PACKS to live forever on a deserted island? I like going to the movies and ogling men at the grocery store, so clearly this deserted island jazz is going down against my will.  I don’t even know what I’m wearing to work the next day, so I can assure you that an “in case I’m kidnapped” preparation knapsack doesn’t exist.  Plus, if for some reason I DID know in advance, then I’d only bring one thing:  a magical chest that could carry ALL my loved ones, belongings and Chiwetel Ejiofor, so there.  These are seven pieces of me:

1. People

I love engaging.  Flashing a big smile and a lively “good morning” to strangers makes me happy.  What’s more, give me 15 good minutes, and we won’t be strangers.  My mama taught me well.  As rough and tumble as I am, I’m blessed enough that people are drawn to me as much as I am drawn to them.  Family and friends are important to me.  I wasn’t raised to be clannish and exclusive.  I was taught that family can be found everywhere, and embracing people in that way is important.  I am instilling the same values in my kids.  They were in Richmond, VA for 5 weeks, and people who were strangers when they arrived were in tears when they left.  Gangsta.

2.  A Crush

I relate to Alannis when she sang, “Like any hot blooded woman, I have simply wanted an object to crave.”  There’s something sweet about the potential in longing.  Certain crushes, I don’t even act on.  It’s not about pursuing a relationship.  Daydream fodder is what I desire.  Not having a crush to inspire random tummy flutters, is just the pits.  One could put this in the category of people, but it’s altogether different.  My crushes hold court in their own section of my mindspace, even if they also happen to be a friend.  Confusing? Yeah. Well…so.

3.  Pasta

Regardless of my weight class, I have always loved a good meal.  Those meals were never completely without carbs.  My favorite has always been pasta.  This may be due in part to the fact that you can take such a simple ingredient and create a meal full of wow.  Get pasta, olive oil, a few brightly colored herbs of your choice and a grilled meat of your choosing and BAM! Perfection.  And sauces we put on pasta can be nothing short of decadent.  My spaghetti and meatball marinara is both comfort food and an ultimate man-trap.  Pasta always has seemed so amazingly decadent; like a treat.  Gimme more.

4.  Colors

This seems like a weird thing to say, but the blue of the sky, the brown in my children’s eyes and the purple on my fingernails make life worth living.  I love losing myself in the depth of color and the stories color can tell.  When I have a handful of cherries on the verge of over-ripeness, it takes so much to not squish them to see the deep red between my fingers.  I used to love being barefoot in my mom’s garden and watching the dark soil contrast against my toes.  Even brown river water captures my attention from time to time.  I think the ability to see color is just one of those blessings we take for granted.  Everything could be on some ridiculous grayscale.  Instead, I’m one month away from burgundy leaves.

5.  Laughter

Joy is just amazing.  Few things are more wonderful than seeing a person wearing joy like a coat.  They just seem to shine.  The audible manifestation of joy is no different.  I love seeing people just completely lose themselves in joy.  Some of my favorite moments involve me clutching my stomach, with tears rolling down my face, begging for the jokester to stop.  Laughter interests me so.  The heaving, shouting and shaking seems like an odd way to express any emotion, much less a happy one.  Yet, when you’re laughing, it just feels so right.

6.  Music

Good music walks up behind you, wraps its arms around your waist and talks that good stuff in your ear.  You hear people say they don’t like certain types of music.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “I don’t like music.”  While working on this post, I came across this video from one of my Twitter loves (@CorporateBarbie), summing up precisely why I love music the way I do:

There’s also this:

No further explanation necessary.

7.  My Voice

Thank you God, for the ability to shout, cry, whisper, laugh, and inspire with my words.  My ability to express myself until I am understood has been the thing that has kept me sane.  I like being able to look at the object of my affection, tell him precisely how I feel, then move on to cartoons or some other random thing, because speaking my heart isn’t a frightening thing to me.  Being able to speak at least a few of my secrets on this blog is cathartic.  When those secrets are relatable, and can help others, it’s a blessing to me, and encourages me to continue writing.

So don’t be shy. What are your seven?  No rules.  No judgement.  You can give seven surface things, or go as deeply as you feel comfortable. I really want to hear from you.




One response to “Seven Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. My sevens

    1. Music

    Music was my first love and life wouldnt be as neon green as it is without it. I love how perfectly arranged groupings of words accompanied by a hypnotic rhythm gives me visions my sight doesnt.

    2. Women

    Women are my weakness. My mama always said I was a fool for a woman. She was half right. I love all women, in different ways of course. There’s the love I have for my female relatives and friends and there’s the love I have for the beauty of the random soul sista I see on twitter or strolling by me in the mall. Either way, I love all yall !

    3. Books

    Even though my mother worked long hours and couldnt devote a lot of attention to me amd my sister’s progress in school she made sure we read. As long as it wasnt explicit, it didnt matter to her. I read anything I can get my hands on now and my life is richer for it ! Thanks mama !

    4. Eggs

    Theres no way I could imagine a life without them. Whenever im around them, im like a cat on catnip ! Eggs are my crack, which is cool because I dont need the dopeman to get my fix !

    5. Q-tips

    Theres nothing that could rival the orgasmic rush I experience when cleaning my ears with a q tip. My eyes roll back in my head and I speak in tongues ! Nuff said !


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