A Few Things

Let’s start with the most important matter:  In 2011, you STILL can’t mix dark and light liquor.  Post-racial America, my behind.  Al Sharpton does not get his hair laid for me to heave after a wayward swig of Jack Daniels after I’d been drinking vodka.  No.

You’re going to see my name in print.  Again. This is actually starting to get awesome, ya know.  Check me out here.  I’m realizing that I want to get that overwhelmed excited feeling every time I see my name in print.  Every time.  It’s crazy how good that feels.  To be fair, this is technically more important than the dark/light liquor thing, but I just felt a little silly.

You ever wake up and think, “It would be way awesome if I was tangled up into another person?”  If your answer is no, I can only imagine either already woke up tangled up into another person, or you’re confused about how awesome that is.  To each his own though.

Oh, Jonathan Vilma and his magical smile, Goapele, Melissa Harris Perry AND Kim Coles all follow me on Twitter.  These are each people I consider talented personal heroes.  Yes, it’s just Twitter, and I won’t be at the family cookout, but it’s an awesome thing to me.  If Donna Brazile ever follows me on Twitter, given that she is my aunt in my head, I’ll be intolerable for at least a week.

I also wanted to give you this awesome thing:

If the sloth can believe, well so can you.

God, I’ve built my wings.  Please bless me with the wind to soar.



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