The Goodness

One of my favorite media personalities, B Scott, once discussed what happened when your steps are ordered.  Basically he said that when your steps are ordered, nothing can stand in your way.  Taking on a person whose steps are divinely ordered is so much bigger than you or that person.

I feel that, after years of bucking against the unknown and short changing myself, I am finding my purpose.  You can’t begin to understand how that feels.  Every small step feels like a magnificent journey.  It’s progress after years of stagnation.

I’ve been extremely busy with writing projects.  I don’t mind being busy, but I will never abandon my blog.  I just ask that you guys continue to be patient with me here.  I have some great ideas that I know you’ll love.  I won’t make you wait long.

Love all ya’ll!

B Jack


Discuss Amongst Yahselves!

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