Television is the land of make believe.  To accept that live is wrapped up in an hour or less requires us to employ what is called the “suspension of disbelief.”  You accept certain elements of the story as plausible, even though it would never happen in real life.  However, we all have limits.  When series of unfortunate events become too much, I can’t watch.

Witch leads us to my inordinate hatred for Spongebob’s hapless pal, Patrick Starr.  Patrick is so stupid, I want to punch him.  I could deal when he was simply none-too-bright.  The stupidity makes me wanna holler. I have actually watched Spongebob and said, out LOUD, “Ugh. THIS MF.”  Ridiculous.

I try to avoid Spongebob, and do breathing exercises when my kids insist on watching.  But until I really get my suspension under control, Patrick better not let me catch him in the street.


2 responses to “Suspension

  1. I don’t let my daughter watch Spongebob anymore. She’s already seen every episode a bazillion times, so I told her enough is enough. That show was cute at first…like 10 years ago. Now it’s just annoying as heck.

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