Dear Spring,

Hey boo! When are you coming around?  I know winter just got here, but I was hoping you would accept a personal request from a long time fan.  What?  Of course I love autumn, too.  Let’s not speak in absolutes.  We’re better than the filthy sith.  The point is, I could go for the watery eyes, sneezing and all the other sinus distress you bring with your emerald glory.  I just want some lush, dewy grass blades between my toes.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?  Christmas has come and gone, the New Year will soon be here, and football season is almost over.  I’ve had my egg nog latte, Southern Comfort spiked warm drink, and the obligatory cold.  Winter’s usefulness taps out pretty early.

But not you, Spring.  You come in with pretty blossoms and brightly colored winged and buzzing creatures. You emancipate the body parts that have been oppressed all winter.  Kids get to play a little longer and boys seem a little cuter when you’re around.  Nobody complains when your temperate beauty hangs into summer just a little bit longer.  Bring your gentle rains, your bees and your hay fever. Your berries, al fresco lunches and outdoor concerts make those things well worth it.  I’m anxious to bare shoulders and throw on flip flops.  Get here soon.

Your biggest fan,

B Jack


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