If I Never Had Another Friend

If you know me, you know that family is important to me.  I’ve said countless times that friends often become family to me.  That’s not me just whistling Dixie.  The reason behind that is because my family is so damned good.

I gush over my siblings and my parents (blood and step), because they are amazing people.  And what’s awesome about my family is that they aren’t cliquish and clannish.  If one of us mistreated a friend, the other would not hesitate to call them out.  We don’t roll in exclusivity.  If you’re at my house, you’re going to laugh, be well fed and be hugged and snuggled within an inch of your life.

When my mother passed away, there were so many of my friends who cried as though they had lost their own mother.  She was THAT person who was always listening, counseling and hugging.  She passed that on to all of us.  The importance of embracing your family, and realizing that family extends beyond blood.

When one of us has a new baby, we all have a new baby.  It’s such an exciting event. Even more awesome is how my brother and sisters have managed to marry people who add to the circle, rather than being “another branch” of the family.  Their in laws are my in laws.  Having a great family is what made me a greater friend.  This unit I’ve been blessed with is what makes me able to deal with anything that comes my way.  If I were to lose everything today or tomorrow, I know I’d have them.  Just taking a moment to gush.



2 responses to “If I Never Had Another Friend

  1. Yup…as a friend, you’ve felt like family for a LOOOOONG time. I’d catch a bullet for you. I might be mad that I had to catch a bullet for you, but I’d get over it….eventually.

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