“Here’s a funky introduction of how nice I am…”

Welcome to the world of a  woman who loves her children, writing, reading, hip-hop, Saturday morning cartoons, and Junk Food t-shirts.  Tough on the outside, but inside?  Pure marshmallow.  I am Red Bean Mondays and Fish Fry Fridays, with King Cake icing.  I am the terror that flaps in the night.  I am the around the way chick that can rock Shell Toes or stilettos.  I’m cleva.  I have been known to have mind control over Deebo.  I am the 80s.  I harbor a dormant hippie within.  I am soul, sweetness and swearing.  I wear long fur coats of mink, even in the summer time.    I am furtive glances and breath taking kisses.  The side eyes that I’ve thrown have been clocked at the speed of light.   If you’re searching for honesty, humor and wit, with the occasional explosion of naked human emotion, you’ve found the right place.

P.S. – I’ve also got a great rack and a killer smile. 😉

just b


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