Fifteen Things

Life is full of simple things that make you smile.  Here’s fifteen things off the top of my head that make me laugh:

1.  Babies discovering their feet.

2. Watching little girls holding their first purses.

3. Pets sneezing.

4. Fart noises.

5. Combovers.  (This is kind of mean, but when you use gel and it’s separated into, like, five mega strands, you know what it iuh.)

6. My friend Melissa’s face whenever anyone says anything bad about Diddy. (Her…everything…goes on pause.)

7.  Smart Cars.

8. This

9.  Family Guy

10. South Park (No, they are not the same.)

11. Homeless men hitting on me.

12. The words “smang” and “smegma.”

13.  The term “of up in this ho” as punctuation.

14. Old men making funny faces.

15. Random leprechauns.

Some days you just need a laugh. Or a giggle.  Or the opportunity to say “Beauty Jackson sure is a weird chick.”  If any of this applies, you’re welcome.