In Louisiana, frozen things descending from the sky in any capacity = bad business.  The entire city shuts down.  The mayor tells you to stay home, and attempting to come into work would have your boss investigate you for weekend crack usage.  I visited Shreveport in February of 2006, and there was an ice storm.  THEY SHUT DOWN THE INTERSTATE!!  We don’t play that in Da Boot.

However, I’m not in Kansas Louisiana anymore.  I’m an East Coaster.  Light, and not so light, frozen things falling from the sky happens to be par for the course every winter.  Apparently, I possess the slightest bit of egomania, because every unfavorable bit of winter weather, I see as a personal attack.  There are also little “cute” winter terms and catch phrases that I hate.  “Nor’easter” is one of them.  Why can’t you pronounce the “th?”  Too much effort.  Did a seven year old make this up?


Up until very recently, my least favorite winter term was “wintry mix.”  It is equally nondescript, and indicative of conditions that suck in a major way.  Again…


But now, my loves, I have a new nemesis, and it’s name is THUNDERSNOW.  Let’s totally ignore the fact that it sounds like a beefy white lunchtime stripper’s stage name, but do you know how much thunder I heard?  NONE!  When you use the word “thunder,” is absence of actual thunder allowed?  It shouldn’t be.  They used it so much, that you can tell they REALLY wanted it to catch on.  I’ll let Regina George help me out here:

So weather people: CUT IT OUT!!!

Seriously, I’m just bitching because I hate copious amounts of snow, and I had to take a cold shower due to losing power at 9:00 last night. Oh, and because I REALLY hate the word Thundersnow. Pepco can kiss my hind parts too.