Give the Dude A Sandwich…

It’s just crazy…as big as hip-hop is in our lives and everything, and as much as we love it, we tend to shun people for just wanting to contribute to that culture, you know?  I guarantee you if you look at a country singer who picks up a guitar and says “Hey, who wants to hear this new song that I wrote,” country music fans don’t tell him sit down.  I promise.

– Nerd Ferguson “Day In The Life”

The “state of hip hop” conversation has been beaten to the point that it’s not even a dead horse anymore. It’s been ground to dust.  It begs the question, “If it’s that bad, what are you gonna do about it?”  With “Bitch, Where’s My Sandwich:  The Album” Nerd Ferguson offers a two word response:  “Be dope.”

To put it simply, the kid can rap.  Not only can he rap, but the way he weaves stories in his rhymes is simultaneously unassuming and impressive.  In each of the 19 tracks, he spits with his distinctive style and voice, without making you feel like you’re listening to one extremely long song.  Each track is fresh, entertaining, and covers a large spectrum of the 20-something psyche.

Without a doubt, this is a joint you play from beginning to end.  I could break down each of the songs, but I don’t think I could tell the stories better than Nerd did himself.  “WARNING: Don’t Sign Me” gives us that gritty, party-in-the-basement feel.  “Day in the Life” is probably the most important song on the album.  It’s his story, where he not only tells us why he raps, but also holds up a rather harsh mirror to hip hop fans, regarding our knee-jerk reaction to disregard new artists.  In “I Am Here to Save You All” (my personal favorite), he portrays himself as a hip hop superhero, which is validated by his flawless delivery.  “Hyundai Elantra Music II” and it’s infectious beat forced me into the absolute illest at-my-desk-in-my-chair two step.

On the topic of women, BWMS is awesome in that it not only steers clear of misogyny, but also disingenuous pandering.  When he raps about women and dating, it ranges from jumpoffs (“Jumpoff Love Song”), the real side of relationships (“Our Love”) and getting it in with your fine ass moms (“Cougar Town”).

Did I mention this kid can rap?  I was introduced to his music a year ago, and have had the pleasure of seeing him grow as an artist, and witnessing how dedicated he is to his craft.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  You can buy “Bitch, Where’s My Sandwich: The Album” by clicking here, and paying $0.99. You have the option of contributing more, and for 19 amazing tracks, I hope that you would do so.  Help that kid get a sandwich…in fact, help him get two.

If you’d like to catch up with what is going on with Nerd Ferguson, follow his Twitter, @Nerd_Ferguson. You can also catch him this Wednesday night on All Subjects Everything, with @CJStarchild.