Melli Gras Aftermath

Never good with speeches

I turn 35 Thursday.  Saturday was my birthday party.  There are pictures around Twitter if you click on the #MelliGras hashtag.  I fully expected it to be a great party, because I have great friends, but it was better than I imagined.  I had old friends and new, and we all had a ball.  It’s a blessing to see people I met this year mingle with people I’ve known for 22 years and have a grand time.  That’s amazing.

I originally planned on doing a Seven Favorite Melli Gras Moments blog, but aside from the fact that I spent most of the night talking and dancing like your drunken Aunt Bunny (you know, the favorite one who’s been married four times and hands out condoms to the youngsters at the family reunion), I can’t pull out a favorite.  My friends win.  Melli Gras won.  I expect many more special moments in my life, and I expect to meet many more special people.  But I won’t make the mistake of trying to top this year’s party.  I just plan on surrounding myself with friends.  You really can’t go wrong with that.

A million thanks for being in my world.